Design of an Artist’s House | Guide for conducting a casestudy of a Villa

Guide to Design of an Artist’s House | Architectural Design

An artist is a person with exceptionally innovative and creative skills. His mindset, his thought process is all influenced by the surroundings he lives in. Designing an Artist’s House is of great significance to begin the learning process of design.

Artist's House

Artist's House

This project was given to us by the University in the first year of the Architecture course. This is a project where we could explore our creativity to the fullest. At the beginning of our course, we are not much aware of the conventional forms or logical design solutions. We are extremely creative when we are unaware of the actual process of transforming our project into reality but later on, as we progress with our course, we tend to restrict ourselves. Anyway, we will not get into a discussion on that topic.

So, this is how we go around designing the Artist’s House. Here are the two major steps:

  1. Case study of Luxurious Homes
  2. Design Process of an Artist’s House

Case study of Luxurious Homes

Coming to the case study part, case study is like the backbone of our design. We have to study the existing structures to determine the requirements. Case studies are necessary not just for an Architecture student but this is a part of design process which the Architect has to carry out for his entire life.

As I have mentioned in the title above “Case study of Luxurious Homes”, the case study of an Artist’s House is limited to Luxurious Homes because it involves creativity. So studying more of creative places helps us explore our own creative genius.

What do you do when you go on a Case study?

Case study means study of a case (project) which includes all its elements of design. The structure (home) that you are studying has various advantages and disadvantages which you have to work on. Earlier, in one of my articles, we discussed the detailed process of performing a case study. Those factors also have to be included into this case study process.

The factors mentioned in that article mainly focus on the study of exteriors that have an impact on the design of interiors.

Let’s begin with an example for the study of interiors…

Recently there has been a great rise in demand for Sustainable Architecture concept. There are various architectural styles and concepts that you have to keep in mind while going on a case study.

The materials that have been used in the design of the house that you are analyzing may not be held in the category of sustainability. The major reasons why a building material is excluded from the category of Sustainability are:

  1. It is energy intensive
  2. It is expensive
  3. It is not long lasting

These are the three major characteristics of the Sustainable Development. Now the question might arise, “How do materials contribute so much to Sustainable Architecture?”

The answer to that would be, building materials contribute to around 70% of the total cost of the project. Cutting down on the project cost is one big responsibility of the architect which the client assumes the Architect understands.

Now let us go ahead with listing out all the things that we need to do when on a case study.

Now we will proceed with the study of interiors analyzing the various themes for different rooms in the house.

The study elements include:

  • Design of windows
  • Design of doors
  • The fluidity of space inside the house
  • The arrangement of furniture
  • Design of furniture in every room depending on its theme and its occupancy
  • Design of ceiling
  • Lighting design

These are the study elements on a broader spectrum. After we are done analyzing the above elements, we must go ahead with our detailed analysis of the place wherein our scope of study would include the use of different materials to get desired effects.

After we are done studying the exteriors and the interiors of the existing structure, you have a list in hand which you could use to design your own Artist House. This list could be used as your design considerations list which you need to keep in mind at every stage of design; because these considerations are interlinked and interdependent which means that the change in one would have a considerable effect on the other.

In my next article, I will discuss the design process for the design of an Artist’s House/Luxurious Villa.

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    Very nice and objective article!

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    good articles all b.arch students must read it.

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      Thank you so much Gaurav. I am sure it will be of help to all the Architecture students.

  3. #4 by saeed hamza on December 18, 2014 - 9:51 pm

    hey there, I’m an architecture student,
    and my project is to design an artist house, and this article about the case study was really helpful, and i would like to read the process of the design, so where can I find it??

  4. #5 by Hani Al-Momani on October 29, 2016 - 1:40 pm

    i need to know where i can find the process of artist house deign? Thank you

  5. #6 by Hani Al-Momani on October 29, 2016 - 1:42 pm

    hey there, I’m an architecture student,
    and my project is to design an artist house, and this article about the case study was really helpful, and i would like to read the process of the design, so where can I find it??

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