Space Perception | Psychological Space

Perceptual/Psycological Space | Architectural Drawing

Observing the behaviour of occupants of different types of interior space and an introspection of ourselves in relation to each space.

  • A comic strip format
  • The shape, sound and dynamics of space
Psycological space | Space Perception
Psycological space | Space Perception

Select three different kinds of interior space:

  1. A small confined space – waiting room
  2. A large lofty space – mosque/mandir etc
  3. Public/Private space – a spherical shape

One hour in each space.

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Perceptual Space | Architectural Drawing

Perception of Space | Architectural Drawing and Design

Tactile Sensations

The need to develop an awareness through graphics of the “Form of Space” as an element vital in itself.

A whole series of perceptual overlays – Architectural space. Day/night; seasonal cycles; Light/Dark; Moon; Artificial light; Warm/Cold; pressure.

Much of our understanding of environment is experienced through the sense of touch/ TACTILE/ yet we are not aware of it very much. A little awareness will help.

Perceptual Space | Tactile Sensations
Perceptual Space | Tactile Sensations


The primary aim of this exercise is to experience tactile sensations and be able to use it in spatial design.

Our bodily contact with the edges of space is central to our awareness of ourselves and spatial location.

As designers of environment, we should base future man made spaces upon some understanding of its contribution to the experience of others.

Visual as well as kinaesthetic space.

  • Use a Comic Strip Format

(Compile a tactile space diary in a sequence based upon a consciously experienced chain of touch sensations within one room).

  • To Catalog in words and diagrams the varieties of SURFACES and TEXTURES encountered by our preselected extremeties of your body during a short period of time.

Use of Colors in Painting | Architectural Drawing

Use of colors | Painting Techniques

Perception of color affects muscular tension, brain waves, heart rate, respiration, and other functions of the autonomic nervous system. Earlier, we discussed “Affect of Color Schemes on Human Behavior“.

Yellow – suicidal inclined persons use yellow

Red – A powerful and active color – warm

Green – A calming color

Blue – Cool, colourless clearly focussed on the eye

Dark colors – Masculine – clearly defines spaces

Tins – more friendly, pleasant, beautiful than darker

Grey – neutral color

All of the above depend upon material and texture and intensity of color

Color Charts
Color Charts

The use of Colors should be done as follows:

(Select a pallete of any 3 primary colors + white and Black)


  • Scarlet Lake
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Cobalt Blue


  • Crimson
  • Yellow ochre
  • Pressian Blue

Values | Architectural Drawing

Values | Architectural Drawing

The scale of gradations between light and dark. Values are used to help identify volumes in space. The disposition of volumes embodies both the gestural characteristics derived from the object and the objects basic geometric form.


Values | Architectural Drawing
Values | Architectural Drawing

Types of Values

Local Values – Values as they appear.

Reverse Values

Values through Hatching

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