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Site Analysis for Construction

Site Analysis is very important before we initiate our construction. Detailed study of site and its surroundings will help justify our design proposal. Detailed study of the site and surrounding areas of the site helps in designing the project efficiently.

Site Selection

A site is selected on the basis of the demand of the construction

An already existing site is taken, is analyzed and the kind of project to be proposed on that particular site is decided.

An empty site to be analyzed for construction

An empty site to be analyzed for construction

New Trend: Environmental Friendly or Green Building Construction

When analyzing the site, we also have to consider the impact of the structure on the surrounding environment. If the proposed structure would have any negative impact on the environment. In one of our earlier articles, we have discussed “Site selection” and “Site Analysis” with respect to the environmental impact.

Check it out:

Selection of a suitable site | Environmental Sustainability

Site Analysis and Development

Here are some of the steps to be followed for Site Analysis:

Google Maps

Locate your site on the google maps.

It will give you an idea of the:

Site contours

The connectivity to the main road and other sub roads

The distances from the major landmarks such as:

  • Shopping centres
  • Railway Station
  • Airport
  • Bus stand
  • Visit the site.
  • Dimensions of the site
  • Get the exact dimensions of the site.

Site Surveying

Hire a surveyor and get the survey of the land. It will help you figure out the geological and hydrological structure of the site.

Accessibility to the site

The main entrances and the main road abutting the site also has to be noted. Easy accessibility to the site is very important for any kind of project. But of course, the significance varies if we are to compare an industrial project with residential project.

Major Landmarks

After spotting the major landmarks, analyze the integrity of their existence in close proximity to the site. It is essential to know as to what kind of impact would these structures have on our site.

Orientation of the site

Mark the orientation of site. Orientation of site will help you in orienting the structure correctly in the process of designing.

Climatology Factors

Climate can be subdivided into two major divisions:

  1. Micro climate
  2. Macro climate

We have to study the micro climate and macro climate of the place in order to design a Bio-climatic structure. We have already discussed Bio-climatic Architecture. You must give a read before advancing further. It will give you a clear idea of the Bio climatic aspects to be considered while designing.

Economic feasibility

The site location and detailed site analysis will give you an idea of the economic feasibility of the project. It means that the type of building or construction you are looking forward to proposing on that site would be a successful venture or not depending on the conditions of the site.

For example:

If you propose to build a five star hotel on a highway, it would not be economically feasible because you would not have the kind of users you would like to target for your venture to become successful. Hence, going for a construction of a Highway Restaurant would be much more feasible.

Sustainability Factors

Apart from environmental Sustainability, we are also looking at Sustainability in terms of construction.

That is, it is important to satisfy three important principles of Green Architecture which aims at Sustainability:

Site Services

Study of services on site is also very important. The major site services include:

  1. Water Supply
  2. Electricity Lines
  3. Drainage Lines

 After the absolute study of the site, one can conclude on the kind of project to be executed, its feasibility and also its sensitivity to be shown towards designing the structure and the site as well.

Also check out the “Guide on Site Planning”.

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