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Ways to obtain work in Architecture | Through Chartered accountants and advocates

Ways to obtain work in Architecture | Professional Practice

In my previous article, I discussed the method of obtaining work “By Winning Architectural Competitions”. Now we will move on with the discussion on the next method “Through Chartered accountants and advocates”.

Here is the list of different ways in which the work can be obtained:

  1. From Friends and relatives
  2. By your work
  3. By specialization
  4. By Luck
  5. By Winning architectural competition
  6. Through Chartered accountants and advocates
  7. Before setting up your practice
  8. Waiting period
  9. Setting up your office
  10. Telephone
  11. Computer Networking
  12. Regular attendance

Through Chartered accountants and advocates | Professional Practice

The type of work you get from their quarter is usually in the form of writing reports on properties, preparation of measurement drawings, certifying carpet or built up areas and valuation of a property, they also give advice to make things go a little smoother, for example, if you get a certified carpet they will recommend to use a company like carpet cleaning Oahu every time you need to do a clean-up, it is important that you hire an affordable home cleaning company, you don’t want to be spending extra money for no reason. Financial Institutions like banks maintain a list of approved architects. The case is referred to the architect from the panel. Architect needs maid or cleaners to do some job in the building. Good thing is that I know a website where you can hire skilled maids, it is at

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