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Passive and Active Features in Green Building Architecture | Sustainable Development

Green Building Architecture | Sustainable Development

Green Building Architecture is not only about using expensive products that minimize the use of electrical power which in turn would save oil and contribute to sustainable development.

There are various design features that are to be incorporated while designing a green building. After designing the building block in a way which offers a comfortable living space along with reduction of power and usage of energy intensive materials; our next step would be towards outdoor planning which is also as important as the planning of the building itself.

Green Building Architecture

Green Building Architecture

Two major processes of Green Building Architecture

  1. Active Process
  2. Passive Process

Active Features

  • Use of Solar Photovoltaic Panels
  • Wind Energy
  • Wave Energy
  • Use of Solar Energy

Passive Features

  • Use of thick walls
  • High ceilings
  • Ventilators
  • Skylights
  • Coping
  • Necessity of Parapet
  • Cornices in the exterior facade

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Contemporary Designs and Sustainability | Green Architecture

People all over the world are realizing the need for the conservation of natural resources that are being used for the sake of creating spaces that involve use of materials that are energy intensive and are expensive.

Green building Organization in America

Green building Organization in America

Green Building Architecture is all about a building’s entire life cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. People are now concerned about factors such as economy, utility, durability, and comfort. The practice of Green and Sustainable design is growing throughout the world making people concerned about various issues regarding building design and have achieved quite a lot of success.

Every country in the world has their own traditional architectural styles. Traditional architectural styles involve the use of materials that are locally available and are available in abundance. But lately, after the industrial revolution and creation of energy intensive materials, the mindsets of people have changed drastically. They crave for more of fancy designs that involve the use of materials that are not available locally but are imported from different cities of the country or altogether different nations of the world. This style is called “Contemporary or Modern Design.”

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Importance of Sustainable Architecture in 21st Century

What is Sustainable Development?

The word “Development ” in this definition implicates two important aspects of the concept: It is omni-disciplinary, it cannot be limited to a number of disciplines or areas, but it is applicable to the whole world and everyone and everything on it, now and in the future. Secondly, there is no set aim, but the continuation of development is the aim of the development.

Save Mother Earth - Aim of Sustainable Development

Save Mother Earth – Aim of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is important for the environmental stability of our Mother Earth… The main focus of Sustainable Development is to preserve the natural resources and use them very cautiously so that we can protect our Mother Earth from devastation…!!

The definition is based on two concepts:

  1. The concept of needs, comprising of the conditions for maintaining an acceptable life standard for all people, and
  2. The concept of limits of the capacity of the environment to fulfil the needs of the present and the future, determined by the state of technology and social organization.

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