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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

If we design a building aesthetically good and also decorate it beautifully  from inside, yet if its surrounding outside area is rubbish, then the beauty of the building will be considered reduced. As such the building must have a beautiful surrounding. This is achieved by landscape development.

Landscaping is an art of planning the drives, walks, lawns, shrubs, gardens, flower-beds etc. so as to form a beautiful setting for a building. The main purpose of landscaping is to create a joyful environment round the building and give the occupants a healthy breath, good appearance and natural beauty.

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Chandigarh Rock Garden | Turning Trash into Treasure


Chandigarh rock garden is an epitome of creativity and innovation. Rock Garden is a sculpture garden in Chandigarh, India, also known as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden. The speciality of this place is that it is completely built of industrial & home waste and thrown-away items.

Chandigarh's Nek Chand Rock Garden

Chandigarh's Nek Chand Rock Garden

Rock garden has been established in the form of an open-air exhibition hall.


The Rock Garden was secretly started by Mr Nek Chand in 1957. The government only learnt about it in 1975. After it was discovered, the government took it over.


Initially, it occupied an area of 12 acres. But it has grown and is spread over an area of forty-acres (160,000 m²),

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Forest Landscaping | Guide to Landscape Design

Forest Landscaping Design

Today there is a need in the woodlands to integrate the design arts with the principles of forest management. Through the collaboration of landscape architects and foresters, the woodlands produce remarkable visual amenities in great measure. Many of the positive visual effects of forest management have been overlooked. Although many receive a high degree of aesthetic and recreational enjoyment from their woodlands, few understand the improvement scenery that can be achieved.

Forest Landscape


Many complaints are often heard about monotony of driving or walking through forests from miles after miles. It becomes boring and soporific. This monotony can be removed by prescribing silvi-cultural treatment that can establish contrast and variety in successive stands of trees.

Colour and texture are important design elements of forest vegetation. The primary visual function of forest vegetation is to reveal or to conceal what lies beyond. If trees are removed from an area, it helps to open-up the landscape, affording views far and wide revealing the outdoor spaces. The landscape itself is not visible if tracts of land have not cleared. The depth of visual penetration can vary from a metre to a hundred metres or more beneath a closed canopy of foliage.

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