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  • Planning and Interior Design for a Major Securities Trading Office

    Sometime ago, I was approached by a businessman. He owned a successful securities trading company. Trading in all sorts of securities like stocks, bonds, commodities, metals. He had recently acquired some commercial office space for a major expansion. My task was to design a floor plan according to their requirements. I visited the place for […]

  • Technological Revolution in Interior and Architectural Design

    Influence of Technology on Architecture The changes in economic conditions and the advancement in technology have resulted in changing the lifestyle of the people considerably. People seemed to have changed their way of living, the way they entertain themselves, spend their money, interact at work etc. This condition is not only evident in a particular […]

  • Different Types of Wall Finishes | Architectural Design

    Different Types of Wall Finishes | Architectural Design

    This article outlines different types of wall finishes such as Stained Glass Finish, Pebbles Finish, Flakes Finish, Coral Finish, Canfor Finish, Tile Cladding, Wood Panelling, Sand Textured Finish

  • Exterior Architecture Vs Interior Design

    This is a guest post by Elysabeth Teeko – http://twitter.com/elysateek For many people, owning a home specifically designed to their taste is the ultimate goal – nobody wants to live in a cookie cutter house, and we all have dreams of that amazing architecture we wish to be surrounded by. Architecture should reflect client’s expectations […]