Tag: Green Architecture

  • Principles of Green Architecture and Sustainability

    Green Buildings and Infrastructure “Green Buildings for creating a Green environment” is what I would say. Generally, the term “Green Buildings” is understood in a wrong way. As in, the people have a wrong understanding about the term “Green Buildings”. Green Buildings does not just imply on creating huge lawns and making the building look […]

  • Introduction to Architecture | Era of New Architectural Styles

    Introduction to Architecture | Architecture Style of the 21st Century What is Architecture?? “Arch”- a form of construction and “tecture”- the surface of the structure. Architecture is defined as designing the structures with respect to their interiors, exteriors and also the surroundings of the structure. It is considered as a form of art and science. […]

  • Guide to Site Documentation and Site Analysis

    Site Documentation and Analysis | Green Infrastructure Design Involve connectivities (Airport, Bus stop, study of roads, road widening, Bus service, train service etc) Site and surroundings Three important aspects are to be considered while analysing the surroundings of the site. Zoning (Agricultural, Industrial, residential, commercial , recreational etc) Neighbourhood Analysis Natural elements present in the […]

  • Green Architecture Vs Current Architectural Techniques

    Comparison of Green Architecture with current Architectural Techniques Any form of design, minimises environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living process. But our current system of building lacks respect of natural environment as well as for individual people and society as a whole. There is not a single building component used in current construction […]