Recycled OR New Modern Furniture?? | Sustainable Design

Step-wise procedure for conducting a research on Furniture Design

In this article, we will discuss the steps for carrying out a research on the proposed topic. This research will help us evaluate if the concept of recycled furniture is workable and whether it could be profitable as compared to the New modern furniture made from new materials. Also, we are going to tackle how trendy are the painted home furniture. All these topics are centered at

Step One:

Study the process of making recycled furniture. This would include studying the materials for the furniture, the factories, the energy resources required for the manufacture, amount of skilled and unskilled labour and finally the costs.

Step two:

Where have they been used? Study the successful examples of the use of recycled furniture in various countries and analyse the reasons behind their success.

It is also important to consider the negative aspects of the same. It is important to know why people wouldn’t want to prefer recycled furniture and that should be very clear.

 Dining Table | New Modern Furniture
Dining Table | New Modern Furniture

Step three:

Remember for any venture to become a success, it has to be profitable. If it is not, then nobody will care to pay attention towards it. This applies for both the consumer as well as the manufacturer.

Analysis of the profit and loss for a company manufacturing recycled materials for the furniture has to be done, like EMFURN does. It is important to know whether these run in loss or in profit which will give you an idea of  the interest that people show towards using recycled furniture. Is also important to check the size and the weight of the furniture in case you move often on the place you live, is that the case having light and practical furniture is important to be easy to move and transport, also you can get companies as to do all the heavy lifting for you, since they are things that most of the time will be heavy and big, but kepp mind that they don’t have long distance moving trucks, for that you will need another company.

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