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Design factors in an Office Design

Design of an Office

In my earlier articles concerning Office Design, we discussed various requirements that are essential to be incorporated in an Office Design. There are few other factors that are necessary when it comes to designing an office. The design of an office also depends on the specific type of office. Its a short article but will help you understand the basics of office design.

Design of an Office

Design of an Office

In an office, where writing is of prime concern, one hand should be usually free and unentangled for the purpose which is usually the right hand with which we perform most of our daily activities. So it is advisable that we keep the instruments like telephone, intercom, etc on the other side to make simultaneous use of the hand and the instrument.

Some employers want to impress the visitors to their office and want them to pass through it before they meet the desired person. Some do not want the visitors to go beyond reception and conference room. This depends on the owner of the office. Everyone has a different perception towards their workspace. So discussion with the people for whom you are designing is to be given prime consideration.

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