Green Architecture Features in High Rise Buildings

Green Building Architecture in High rise Structures

High rise buildings support green features to a small extent. Hence it is a bad concept to go for the construction of High rise buildings if we are to incorporate green features into the building. Incorporating various green features from HVAC Danvers MA services could make the construction 5 times more expensive than the cost incurred in regular methods of construction.

Aliens Space Station is an excellent example of the High rise Green Buildings.

Aliens Space Station - Green Building

Aliens Space Station - Green Building

Green Architecture Design Features to be incorporated into the Building Design

(Passive and Active Features)

  • Ceiling height – 12 feet


  1. between rooms
  2. outside/ inside
  3. Inside and inside
  • The doors should be designed with louvers at the bottom.
  • Cavity walls or thick walls on Southern and western side of the building.
  • Use your facades, chajjas, rooftops, active solar photovoltaics.
  • Colour of the building (Light colour)
  • Orientation of the building

  • Landscaping (Trees, seating places)
  • Ponds, Water bodies
  • (Compel people to not use ACs)
  • The use of natural materials (Lime mortar)
  • Use of Recycled materials
  • Minimum use of industrial materials (steel, RCC, electrical equipment)
  • Creation of Terrace Gardens
  • Indoor Landscapes
  • Interior colour schemes
  • Whiting the roofs (Reflective roofs)

Active Systems

  • Hot water systems
  • Wind energy
  • Wave energy
  • Solar Panels

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    planning of basic concept of high rise buildings

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    This is so amazing and great for cities and especially the environment.

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