Address | Seven Aspects of Personality Development for Professionals

Address | Second Aspect of Personality Development for Professionals

In my earlier article, I discussed the importance of Personality Development for Professionals and the first aspects in detail. In this article, we will move on with a discussion of the second aspect of Personality Development “Address”.

Here are the Seven aspects of Personality Development for Professionals

  1. Dress
  2. Address
  3. Good Language
  4. Punctuality
  5. Planning your work
  6. Habit to postpone the work
  7. Telephone conversation

Address | Aspect of Personality Development

When you meet a person or when you come across a person known to you, you should greet him. That is considered as good manners. Most of you have complex in mind or are not trained at all in your young age. Depending upon your relation with the person such as senior or junior, older or younger, colleague or friend, you shall say Namaskar or good morning, Hi or Hello. Bu to ignore a person, particularly your senior, is ill manners.

When you come across a person older to you in an informal or formal get together you should approach to him and greet him. “How do you do” shall be replied by saying “How do you do” or “How are you sir?” shall be replied as “fine! Thank you”.

Do not keep a person guessing your name or presume that he remembers it. Make a self-introduction before opening a conversation. When in a conversation or in a conference do not interrupt others. Listen carefully and let the person bring out all the points he has on his mind. You can frame your reply or augment in your mind and put forth your say effectively when the other has finished his talk.



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    Well done here! I really like your post because it is very informative and interesting! 🙂 Knowing these 7 factors can advanced your own personality development.

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