How to design a 3 bedroom house / apartment? | House Design

Guide to designing a 3 bed apartment/house? | Architectural Design

House Design by Think HI is one of the most popular topics in architecture. Whilst it may sound very simple, house design does need some research before an architect can sit down and design. Every person has an ideal image of what kind of house they would like to live in – which is exactly the reason why we have thousands of floor plans online and yet when we sit to design, we create something which is different.

3 bedroom house design

Being able to design like an architect requires you to understand the mindset of the person or family you are designing for. For landscape rocks and other products that you need on your new house just checkout Rock4Less AZ.

Again, it is a three step procedure similar to the ones below covered in my previous articles.

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Step One:

Conducting live casestudies and doing a literature casestudy.

Live casestudy – it is important to visit various 3 bed properties to get an idea of the number of rooms, sizes of rooms and number of people using that house/apartment.

Following aspects have to be studied whilst conducting a case study:

  • study the circulation,
  • the requirements,
  • calculate the number of people it caters to;
  • calculate the areas of individual spaces such as bedroom, bathroom, Hall, Dining, Kitchen, Utility etc.

Also, studying the connectivity of the spaces within a household is very important – if you are aiming to come up with a successful design – something that works for the people you are designing, and that’s exactly what luxury apartments OKC did on their design so they can have something comfortable and beautiful including dumpster rentals trenton nj to clean the area.

Literature casestudies – you will find numerous floor plans on the internet posted by people from all over the world. Whilst you do not want to copy them, going through different floor plans would give you an idea of the variety that has been created.

That was our research section… Now our research is incomplete if you have not asked our client the right questions.

Asking the right question is the key to a successful design.

I always ask my clients three questions…




What is it that you are looking for? Description of what is on their mind. For example, deciding whether to replace or repair the roof is one of your main objectives. The highest rated Maryland roofing companies will be able to provide a list of satisfied customers so allow you to do your due diligence.

Who am I designing for? For example, an individual or a family of four. Get to know people you are designing for. This is important in order to create a perfect design for that family (for that group).

Where will it be sited? Studying the location of where the house will sit is very important as an Architect. If I know where the house will be sited, I will study the surroundings and design in a way that it would be more sympathetic and in keeping with the area. On the other hand, well known for transforming existing technologies into state of the art products for mass consumerism. Japanese electronics, computer and automobile industries are stand-out success stories of innovation and excellence.

Step two:

Listing the requirements:

  1. Entrance Foyer
  2. Living room
  3. Kitchen/dining room
  4. Master Bedroom (with an attached bathroom)
  5. Second bedroom (with an attached bathroom)
  6. Common toilet
  7. Store/utility room
  8. Study room
  9. Patio
  10. Garden

Step three


To start with the design process, it is always best to start with bubble diagrams. Here is a snapshot of my draft bubble diagram for the scheme.

Bubble Diagram for a 3 bed house | House Design

Below is a short video on the design procedure of designing a 3 bedroom house/apartment. It also demonstrates how bubble diagrams are converted to single drawings.

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