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Station Design Guide | Architectural Design Considerations

Design of Rail Stations | Architecture and Design

In our previous article, “HSR Station design Guide“, we listed out some of the core station areas and discussed the design considerations to be taken while designing “Station Crossings” and “Platform design”.

Important Station areas to be designed:

Now we will move on with our discussion on the design considerations to be taken for the following station areas (elements):

  • Platforms doors and screens
  • Entrances and Exits
  • Direction of the opening of doors

Design of Platforms doors and screens

Modern metro systems have incorporated glazed screens along the edges of the platform.

This system of designing screen doors was incorporated in cold countries in order to maintain the temperature of the station.

These kind of screen door systems have been used in Europe and America. The underground station in London is pretty popular. The extension of the underground station has been worked on with a point to introduce the platform screen doors. See the picture of the Canary Wharf station in London.

Design of Station entrances and Exits

The width of the entrances and exits should be large enough to allow efficient circulation of a large number of passengers in and out. They must be designed keeping the emergency conditions in mind.

Every country has its own safety codes for the design of entrances and exits.

Apart from concentrating on the width of the entrances, it is necessary to remember that we are architectural designers and making the entrances aesthetically appealing is also our aim.

The number of entrances have to be carefully designed so as to cater for the different sides of the railway route and at the same time, the design should be economical. It should not exceed the calculated budget.

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HSR Stations design guide | Architectural Design

Design of High Speed Rail Stations

India has a huge railway network. The length and spread of railway networks is amazingly vast. India ranks first in the length of railway network in Asia and second largest in the world.

Development of High Speed rail Networks is catching up a lot of speed in Europe. USA government is taking initiatives in order to develop HSR stations and enhance their public transport system.

HSR Station design by Santiago Calatrava

HSR Station design by Santiago Calatrava

United States of America is now realizing the importance of the nature of railroads and the power and speed of trains. It was seen that the number of road accidents had considerably increased. It was found that the increase in the number of road accidents was directly proportional to the decreased use of railways.

Indian Railway Ministry has ambitious plans for the development of railways for the year 2020.

Being able to design Railway Station keeping in mind today’s needs is very important. This article is dedicated to the basics of design of High Speed Rail Station. This will give the readers an insight on the design of HSR/Metro Stations.

Let us first understand the importance and function of a Station.

Stations are places where passengers check in and check out of the train. Station is the first point of contact between the passengers and the railway. It is to be understood that stations should be well designed, comfortable, aesthetically appealing, functionally efficient (efficient layout and planning of station will ensure efficient circulation).

My entire purpose for writing an article on the Design of HSR Stations is to help you understand all the design considerations that are to be importantly incorporated.

We would be discussing the design considerations for the important station areas so that designing could get handy.

Important Station Areas:

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Designing a Holiday Resort | Architecture and Design

Design Considerations for a Holiday Resort | Architectural Planning

‘Holiday Resort’ is an essential part of tourist places. Everybody prefers a good resort and expects good services.

A good ‘Holiday resort’ is one which satisfies all the requirements of the customers and for this purpose the first essential thing is the design and planning of it. The most important person responsible for creating and designing that space is an “Architect”.

People visiting the holiday resort are generally the tourists and they can be from any part of the world. It is therefore the responsibility of an Architect to design it considering various requirements of various classes of people suiting different habits.

Holiday Resort

Holiday Resort

The success of every resort is influenced by the following seven factors:

  1. Good Location
  2. Attractive appearance (Aesthetic appeal of the structure)
  3. Good landscape
  4. Quick and pleasant services
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Maintenance
  7. Food quality

Let us move on with the discussion on some of the most important factors that are necessary to be considered while designing a “Holiday Resort”.

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Design considerations for Commercial Kitchen design

How to design a Restaurant/Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial Kitchen design is completely different from the residential Kitchen design. The design considerations in terms of functionality and circulation of space play a great role. The design of services such as water supply, drainage, fire fighting, Heating and Ventilation systems, Exhausts etc play a major role in the successful working of a Kitchen.

Restaurant/Hotel Kitchen Design

Restaurant/Hotel Kitchen Design

In this article, we will discuss various design considerations for Restaurant/Hotel(Commercial) Kitchen design.


Before, we get onto designing, it is very important that we discuss the menu of the Restaurant. The type of food menu will decide the design parameters to be considered. The space has to be designed in a harmonic flow so as to serve to the increasing public without any hassle.

  1. Timings
  2. The area
  3. Peak hours – cater to peak hour timings
  4. Selection of fuels (for different items… Chinese, Indian, Continental etc) (Fuels that are generally preferred are Propane, LPG, Coal)

Departmentalization (to achieve division of labour)

The study of different departments in a Commercial kitchen is to be carried out. After the analysis of your survey, you can figure out the list of various departments that you incorporate into your Kitchen design. Ofcourse, it also depends on the wish of the client as to what all departments he would prefer in his Restaurant/Hotel.

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