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  • Planning and Interior Design for a Major Securities Trading Office

    Sometime ago, I was approached by a businessman. He owned a successful securities trading company. Trading in all sorts of securities like stocks, bonds, commodities, metals. He had recently acquired some commercial office space for a major expansion. My task was to design a floor plan according to their requirements. I visited the place for […]

  • Approach to Architectural Drawing

    Introduction to the Approach to Architectural Drawing We are beginning with a new tab on “Architectural Drawing”. We will cover a wide range of topics regarding Architectural Drawing which will help Architecture and Engineering students to achieve excellence in Drawing. Let’s begin with our lessons on Architectural Drawing. Art in the past was an intellectual, […]

  • Pictorial Space | Architectural Drawing

    Understanding Pictorial Space – II An analytical drawing of spatial symbols clues which indicate distance and depth in our perception of form. The primary visual cues which aid our perception of Depth: Binocular Vision Motion Parallax Our eyes are overlapping fields of view and Stereoscopic Depth Vision. The pictorial images created by graphic displays have […]

  • Transformations | Architectural Drawing

    Understanding Architectural Transformations The aim of the project is to involve the students in a pre-design exercise in leading the student from a simple shape to a complex design. Each shape should involve – Repetition, Size Materials: A full size tracing sheet divided by 4”x4” squares. A comic strip format. Use of a soft pencil […]