Subjects in the course of Architecture

What are the subjects in the entire course of Architecture?

Architecture is a 5 year course. The articles contains a list of subjects studied in the five year course of Architecture. Every year, Studying at University in South West England, living at The Kingfisher, Exeter.

First Year (Year 1)
Basic Design

Architectural Drawing and Graphics – I

Building Construction – I

Building Materials – I

Structural Mechanics – I

History of Architecture – I

Introduction to Art and Architecture

Computer Applications – I

Workshop – I

Second Year (Year 2) comprises of third and fourth semesters.
Third Semester

Architectural Design – I

Architectural Drawings and Graphics – II

Building Construction – II

Building Materials – II

Structural Mechanics – II

History of Architecture – II

Surveying and Levelling

Fourth Semester

Architectural Design – II

Building Construction – III

Design of Structures – (RCC)

History of Architecture – III

Building Services – I (Water Supply and Sanitation)


Computer Applications – II

Third Year (Year 3) comprises of fifth and sixth semesters.
Fifth Semester

Architectural Design – III

Building Construction – IV

Design of Structure – II (Steel)

Building Services – II

Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Environmental Studies

Landscape Design and site planning

Sixth Semester

Architectural Design – IV

Building Construction – V

Working Drawing and Specifications

Building Estimation and Costing

Barrier Free Built Environment

Architectural Acoustics

Structural Design Project

Fourth Year (Year 4) of Architecture comprises of seventh and eighth semesters.
Seventh Semester

Architectural Design – V

Green Building and Infrastructure

Building Economics and Sociology

Human Settlements and Town Planning

Building Codes and Byelaws


Working Architectural Details

Eighth Semester

Architectural Design – VI (Design Studio)

Structural Systems

Disaster Resistant Architecture

Advanced Services

Professional Practice

Architectural Illumination

Digital Techniques in Architecture

Fifth Year (Year 5) of Architecture comprises of ninth and tenth semesters.
Ninth Semester

Design Thesis

Project Appraisal Report

Tenth Semester

Practical Training


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Professional Practice

Of course, through all this technical know-how, you will need basic communication and customer service skills so you can properly exchange ideas and plans with your clients. Because a structure is in your hands, your ability to communicate is crucial.

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