How to design a 1 bedroom apartment/house ?

Guide to designing a 1 bed house/apartment

Designing a 1 bed apartment is a three step procedure:

Step 1:

Conducting a case study

It is always best to go through a few existing one bed apartments in your neighbourhood or on the internet before you begin to design your first very own one bed apartment/house. That will give you an idea of what kind of arrangement can be expected when we are looking at designing a 1 bed apartment. First of all, we will need to figure what would be the minimum and maximum requirements for designing the apartment/house.

One bed houses are generally designed to create a granny annexe. The reason being the planning in the UK limits the size of the house when it is intended to be provided for a relative and is therefore designed to remain as ancillary to the main dwellinghouse.

Step 2:

Listing the requirement

  1. One bedroom
  2. Lounge/Dining
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bathroom

These are the most basic requirements. You can however create a more lavish version of one bed apartments/houses, improve the bathroom with a Bathtub Refinishing Pro and use a custom fitted wardrobe to give it a special touch and so on.

Other additional requirements could include:

  1. Entrance foyer – to keep your shoes when you enter the house
  2. Utilities area/store room

Step 3:


Putting all the requirements together and making sure that you get the best internal circulation. Functionality and aesthetics are equally important. It is of vital important that we make the best use of space.

Interior design isn’t for all of us. For some it may come naturally and for others it’s incredibly difficult. If you cant see your self being able to sit down and design an entire room or home, it’s okay to get a little help. If its you’re first time remodeling a room or your entire home you can visit contact  Liverpool painters and decorators to help you out.

Below is a video which will guide you through the process of designing a one bed apartment/house. Also make sure to visit if you have any remodeling jobs you want to get done.

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