The Spatial Codes | Architectural Drawing and Design

Understanding the concept of Spatial codes

Conceptual Graphics

In order to give birth to an idea the Architect must adopt some form of abstraction which represents the pictures in his mind using symbols or annotations.

Schematic diagrams

Simplified drawings of a concept which stress the relationship and orientations of its physical components.

Schematic diagrams

Schematic diagrams

Operational Diagrams

Transformations which aid the designer in visualizing changes in time.

Operational diagrams

Operational diagrams

Functional Diagrams (Bubble diagrams)

A plan in Embryo identify the proximity and size of zones of activity.

Functional diagrams

Functional diagrams

Flow Diagrams

Study direction, intensity, conflict, problems, with movement, pedestrian transport, information, air and water currents.

Flow diagrams

Flow diagrams

Analytical Diagrams

Visual identification and relating design constraints which influence/evolve conception. Investigation of the nature of existing conditions SITE ANALYSIS.

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